Thank you for holding your event at DSRC, we are excited to make your event special! Please fill out all of the required information and initial the last few blocks noting that you are agreeing to all of the DSRC party rules. Please email Dave Hardy at when you are done this form, parties are not official until they are confirmed by Dave.
Type of event? (IE birthday party)


Rain date

Time of event, 3 hour window

Contact person name

Phone number for contact person

Number of guests, may not exceed 25 people

Special requests:

I agree that my party will last no more than 3 hours

I agree to fully clean up after my party

I agree to be responsible for all of my guests including their behavior

I agree that all of my guests will be told the pool rules and will follow them

I agree that all guests that will be swimming will be directly supervised by an adult

I agree that my party will not have more than 25 guests without management approval

I agree to follow DSRC alcohol policies along with all guests of the party

I am aware that all parties will take place under the large umbrella next to the pavilion

DSRC will provide: refrigerator/freezer space, tables and chairs but all else must be provided by the member.

DSRC member may arrive up to 30 minutes prior to their party to begin set up.

Please email Dave Hardy at to confirm your reservation. Thank you and have a nice day!

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